Books and Documents

  • Conservation Easements in the West
    This user-friendly guide analyzes conservation easements under both state and federal law. It includes descriptions of the authorizing legislation in most of the Rocky Mountain states, a discussion of the federal and state income tax benefits available to donors of conservation easements, and some of the practical issues in preparing conservation easements that comply with those requirements.
  • Managing Conservation Easements in Perpetuity
    Learn how to manage change more effectively so your conservation easements will still be here tomorrow. You will learn to distinguish between easement defense and enforcement, develop a system to educate landowners and take the first steps in drafting an enforcement policy to safeguard what you have worked so hard to protect.
  • Mineral Development and Land Conservation: A Handbook for Conservation Professionals
    The best way to reduce conflicts between land conservation and mineral development is to make sure everyone operates, from the beginning, with the best possible information. The impressive team of experts who contributed to this handbook did exactly that--they compiled a state-of-the-art guide that will be a well-used resource for every land conservation professional in Colorado and beyond.