Conservation Law, P.C., Jessica E. Jay, Attorney at Law


Conservation Law, P.C. is a law firm devoted to protecting working landscapes and environmentally significant lands in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West through the use of perpetual conservation easements.

Jessica E. Jay, Esq., the founder and principal attorney of Conservation Law, P.C., represents landowners and easement holders to conserve land using durable but flexible perpetual conservation easements drafted to anticipate changes over time.  Jessica is dedicated to ensuring the permanence of such land conservation through sound conservation transactions with practical stewardship and enforcement mechanisms.  The first consultation is free; please feel free to contact Jessica E. Jay, Esq. at Conservation Law, P.C. by phone at 303-674-3709, or by email by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER:  The information provided here is general in nature and should not be relied upon as legal advice. 


Conservation Permanence through Legal Practice 

Jessica represents landowners in the protection of their land with perpetual conservation easements, most recently conserving urban wildlife habitat and a farm in the City of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and scenic/agricultural open space and wildlife habitat properties in the communities of Conifer and Evergreen, Colorado.  She also represents statewide, regional, and local land trusts including Colorado Open Lands, Aspen Valley Land Trust, Estes Valley Land Trust, Clear Creek Land Conservancy, and La Plata Open Space Conservancy in their ongoing stewardship and perpetual conservation easement projects. 


Conservation Innovation through Collaboration

In addition to the practical work of assisting landowners and easement holders to protect land through the use of flexible but durable perpetual conservation easements, Jessica also collaborates with the conservation community to innovate for landowners and easement holders regarding conservation tax incentives, stewardship and enforcement mechanisms, and the framework for modification and termination of perpetual conservation easements.  She most recently created legal guidance for orphaned and neglected conservation easements, agricultural water rights leasing, and managing mineral rights and extraction on conserved properties. 


Shaping Conservation Policy and Law

Jessica’s expertise and perspective, shaped by years of practice in land conservation law, informs courts, legislatures, regulators, and policymakers in the creation of conservation statutes, policies, and case law. Click here to be connected to statutes and cases citing to Jessica's research.  Ms. Jay is a member of the Land Trust Alliance’s Conservation Defense Network, and has both served on and advised the Land Trust Alliance Conservation Defense Advisory Council, which advises the Alliance on matters involving the enforcement, defense, and permanence of perpetual conservation easements.


Upcoming Presentations

Vermont Law School, South Royalton, Vermont, Summer 2019

            •Land Conservation Law

National Land Trust Rally, Raleigh, North Carolina, Fall 2019

TBD, Possibly:

             •New Frontiers in Land Conservation, Half-Day Seminar

             •Federal Tax Issues, Workshop

             •Tackling Trespassers, Workshop